Why Work With Us?

What follows is our employee handbook that is given to all recruits and new hires at NerdSpace. Not only is it read and signed by each employee, but it communicates volumes beyond the words.

See if you agree.

Our Philosophy

  1. People come first.
  2. Our word is our bond – we are reliable.
  3. We are Serious about Service.
  4. We cannot afford the luxury of a lousy day’s business.
  5. We want to be the best.
  6. We are realists and we believe in candor.
  7. We are accessible and easy to do business with.
  8. We are aggressive – we are doers – we work hard.
  9. We are often pleased but never satisfied.
  10. We properly reward our people.

Our Specialty

We are serious about service!

To make a better than average profit, you’ve got to have a better than average business.

Since we don’t have proprietary products, our service must be outstanding.

Service is a state of mind. To give exceptional service, our people must really care – and they must have the desire to do it right and do it now.

Service costs money. So, we expect to get paid very well for being sensational.


Clients and Vendors

Clients are not dependent on us. We’re dependent on them.

They’re not an interruption of our work. They’re the purpose of it.

We’re not doing them a favor by serving them. They’re doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity.

Clients bring us their needs. It’s our job to handle them profitably, for them and ourselves.

Clients are our passport to success. Without them we can’t get there.

And at NerdSpace, we treat Vendors as Clients.

(So, substitute the word “Clients” for “Vendors” and reread the above.)


We tell the TRUTH to each other and to our customers and vendors.

The whole story, not just part of it.

We don’t stretch it, bend it, or avoid it.

And, if someone raises hell when you tell the truth…let them.

Just say it like it is.

One little lie and you’re a liar!

Express Yourself

Think! Think often, think hard and then say what you think.

Feel! Have strong feelings and then express them.

And don’t get mad when others do.


Enthusiasm is the greatest business asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence.

Enthusiasm tramples over opposition, storms its objectives, and overwhelms all obstacles.

Enthusiasm is Faith-in-Action – faith to remove barriers and achieve the miraculous.

Enthusiasm is contagious, so carry it in your attitude and manner. It will increase productivity, and it will bring joy and satisfaction to our people.

Enthusiasm brings results.


There is nothing so constant as change.

Everything must change to grow.

So we welcome change because…

Change = Growth = Opportunity

Stuffed Shirts and Big Shots

Don’t call me Mr. or Ms. because…

Everyone’s on a first name basis at NerdSpace.


If somebody calls you Ms. or Mr. _______, tell them that your name is Luke or Leia.

Let’s grow BIG – but stay small like a family.

Without stuffed shirts.

Our Contribution

Each one of us must pay for ourselves each day.

This allows us to have exceptional men and women working for the company.

Strive to promote sales, control costs and increase productivity each day.

After all, NerdSpace’s business is your business.


Hierarchy turns an organization into a pyramid.

Pyramids don’t move, they just slowly crumble.

Everyone should do what they do best.

Our company deserves to have the best talent working on its biggest problems – or best opportunities.

So we will continually reshuffle our people (and their titles) to suit the needs of the company…

… without a hierarchy getting in the way.

Job Descriptions

(intentionally blank)

Organization Charts

(intentionally blank)


We make our own calls.

We answer our own phones.

We’re never “in a meeting” or “busy.”

And no one at NerdSpace ever asks,

“Who’s calling?”

First Class

We entertain first-class, always.

To do this we must have first-class profit.

So, think first-class, be first-class, and let’s make the necessary profit to keep this company a first-class place to work.


This company is your business home.

Live in it according to your lifestyle.

Just pretend that the company’s money you are spending is your own. (It’s your company).

And write your expense account so it won’t embarrass you when it’s posted on the bulletin board.


We don’t hire people.

We invite them to join our company and help us make it better.


We don’t fire people.

We ask them to leave the company and help them go where they can be productive.

Promotions & Transfers

Three questions must be answered in this order:

  1. Does the person want to do it?
  2. Can they do it?
  3. Will they do it?

Just one No…and it’s “No!”

Cash Flow

More should come in each month than goes out.


Pay the producers what they’re worth.

Ask non-producers to improve, coach them for success, then address alternatives if they don’t produce.

Our Climate

We work for fun and money.*

We believe in an open book.

We put issues on the table, work them out, then get down to growing the business.

*Is there any other reason to work?



…or follow

…or get out of the way.


“People” is the first word in our business philosophy…and the last.

Our business – any business – is People.

If we take care of Our People, they will take care of Our Business.